Hi there, my fellow foodies and dreamers of the stars! Do you enjoy the delicious dishes from Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.? The good news is that you can now influence their amazing experience by using the TellHappyStar Survey!

Take Hardee’s Survey

Take Hardee’s Survey

Shining a Light on TellHappyStar

Imagine a place where you are treated with the same respect as the delectable food that is served. That is precisely what TellHappyStar is all about. It’s the place where you may eat your favorite burger and express what you think could improve it!

How to Join the Starry Adventure

Here is your handy check list to get you started on this cosmic gastronomic adventure when you fill out the TellHappyStar Survey:

You have to be at least eighteen years old to qualify.

One survey can be submitted per receipt: One survey can be submitted per receipt.

Take Hardee’s Survey

Get a recent receipt from Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s. These should arrive in the mail in about a week.

Code for Survey: Check your receipt for the four or six-digit survey code. Your ticket to the stars is here!

Nothing to Worry About: Can’t locate your receipt? Not to worry! We have a different admission technique just for you.

Have faith in the Official Site: Always visit the official TellHappyStar website to ensure your safety.

Journey Through the Survey Galaxy

Are you prepared to send your cosmic feedback hurtling into the cosmos? Here’s how to complete the TellHappyStar Survey step-by-step to enter to win some incredible prizes:

Take Hardee’s Survey

  • Step 1: Open the TellHappyStar survey page on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Step 2: Fill in the 4- or 6-digit survey code that can be seen on your most recent Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s receipt.
  • Step 3: Use survey questions centered around your most recent visit to share your ideas and experiences.
  • Step 4: Give your glowing comments on a range of factors, including the quality of the cuisine, the service, the atmosphere, and more!
  • Step 5: Recall that the best policy is honesty. Give honest comments to support Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s in their endeavors to achieve success.
  • Step 6: Select if you want to take part in the survey’s reward program; fantastic prizes are up for grabs!
  • Step 7: Enter your name and contact information to be eligible for prize drawings if you’re game for the cosmic journey.


Here it is, people: an opportunity to join Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s on their cosmic adventure! In addition to sharing your opinions and experiences, taking part in the TellHappyStar Survey could make you one of the fortunate people to win some amazing prizes.

Take Hardee’s Survey

So why hold off? With TellHappyStar, explore the world of flavor, feedback, and amazing prizes. In the galaxy of fast food, your stellar contribution could mean the difference between stars!

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